anathema archive mix tape 2020

from anathema archive

first annual mix tape for anathema archive
trying it to be more of a physical experience hence why it's not streaming
includes songs from many anathema artists and some upcoming ones
unfortunately dubbed on low bias tapes by hand in caribou, me
Two Friends In A Parked Car 1
Sturgill Simpson - In Bloom
Low Rider on the 299
Bando - 2GPX-MPX-100-Bando
Two Friends In A Parked Car 2
Cube - Persona (version)
A Night I Don’t Remember / DAC
Gunther Valentine - Here We Are (Caribou Quarantine Unfinished)
John Duncan - Yolka
Caetano Veloso - Marinheiro Só
Grocery Outlet Yuba City, CA
Andrea Pensado - 29III2020 (Excerpt)
Oronzo De Filippi - Architettura Industriale
Reece Cox - Broca’s Talking Candle (excerpt)
Havadine Stone - Untitled (excerpt)

Brian Lee @ Burp Habitat
David Kristian - Cookies
Gunther Valentine - EMS Sessions (excerpt)
Fleetwood Mac - Sometimes
MSHR - Tri Tunnel
Pan Sonic - Kurnutus
Tom White - Finale
Just The Right Height - Alone Fashion Style Like It Heart It
Haflier Trio - Blanket Level Approach #3
Vid Edda - gammel viden kommunikeres
Forest Management - Untitled I
Christian Mirande - Big Oak Road

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